Trusted Techniques: Caravan Cleaning Tips Every Owner Should Know

how to clean a caravan, cleaning, caravan cleaning tips

Caravans, like cars, need cleaning. Here are caravan cleaning tips you should know!

It is important to not only make your caravan look good but it’s also necessary to keep it in good condition.

There are options to find a local caravan cleaning service to do the hard work for you, or if you prefer to clean your caravan yourself, it can be done with a bit of elbow grease and the right cleaning product!

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Clean Your Caravan – What Equipment Do You Need?

how to clean a caravan, cleaning, caravan cleaning tips
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Caravan cleaning products
  • Wax and polish to give it some shine
  • Brush
  • Caravan vacuum cleaner

Top Caravan Cleaning Tips

  • Work from top to bottom
  • Site the caravan in a location where you can easily access all sides
  • Only use cleaning products approved for caravans.

How Often Do You Need To Clean A Caravan?

Gold Grade Caravan Living Room, General
Gold Grade Caravan Living Room (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

Cleaning your caravan doesn’t need to be done as often as you might think.

It will mainly come down to how often you use it and where you store your caravan.

Cleaning The Outside

Caravans stored on a driveway without a caravan cover will need much more cleaning than one kept at the local caravan storage place.

Keeping the exterior relatively clean throughout the year should only need a deep clean once a year.

Cleaning The Inside

When you are using your tourer much more frequently, the interior will require more regular cleaning in the touring season.

The interior of caravans built in the last ten years will have much more modern materials inside them, such as plastics and vinyl, so they are easier to keep clean than older caravans.

You will likely clean the inside of your caravan as often as you would at home.

Cleaning The Outside Of A Caravan – Step by Step

Cleaning a caravan roof
  1. Position the caravan so that you can easily access all sides.
  2. Start with the roof of the caravan. Using a step ladder hose down the roof to remove any debris that has accumulated on top. You might need to use an extendable brush to reach the middle of the caravan roof. We don’t recommend standing on the roof. Follow our guide to cleaning a caravan roof for more details.
  3. Move on to the sides of the caravan, taking a section at a time. Again, wash off any excess dirt with a hose or, if you don’t have access to one, a bucket of water. Use a caravan cleaner and sponge or brush to clean. Don’t use anything abrasive, or this might damage the paintwork.
  4. To give your caravan exterior some extra shine, use some polish and a microfibre cloth.
  5. The final stage is to wax. Waxing the exterior of your caravan will protect the paintwork and help maintain the shine from step 4.

What Do You Use To Clean The Outside Of A Caravan?

Only use cleaning products that are safe for use on a caravan. Don’t be tempted to use washing-up liquid or a home cleaning product or risk damaging the paintwork.

Autoglym is a respected caravan cleaning brand with a range of shampoos, polishes and waxes available.

If you are unsure, contact your caravan dealership or touring caravan manufacturer for advice.

Can You Use A Pressure Washer To Clean A Caravan?

Using a pressure washer to clean a caravan might seem like a good idea, but you need to be careful not to use it near any rubber seals around the windows or doors.

This is the case whether you are cleaning a caravan or a motorhome.

If you decide to use a pressure washer, make sure it is in a low-pressure setting, even on the bodywork.

The bodywork of touring caravans can be easily damaged, and sometimes, it’s best to use a bit of extra elbow grease rather than risk damaging it.

Cleaning Caravan Windows

When cleaning both the inside and outside of your caravan windows, again, make sure you use a suitable cleaner. Don’t use the same window cleaner that you have at home to clean glass windows. The acrylic windows on caravans might become damaged and irreparable.

Carefully wash away any dirt or grime with a wet microfibre cloth before using some Fenwicks or Autoglym acrylic glass cleaner.

Cleaning A Caravan Awning

Cleaning a caravan awning

It’s best to clean a caravan awning when it is still up, as it will be easier to access all sides of the roof and give it time to dry out. Make sure you use a suitable cleaner for the fabric and follow the manufacturer’s special instructions.

When you have cleaned the awning, you might consider also reproofing it.

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Cleaning The Interior Of A Caravan

Keeping the inside of your caravan clean will be an easier task as you will likely be routinely tidying and cleaning as you would at home.

However, you might decide to do a deep clean every once in a while, probably at the end of each season, or more frequently, depending on how often you use your tourer (as well as who uses it, I’m looking at you kids!)

Always double-check with the manufacturer what cleaning products are safe to use on any interior materials, particularly the plastic used in most caravan bathrooms.

To keep the floor clean from crumbs and such, you can use a dustpan and brush or carry a small portable vacuum. When the caravan is back at home, you can use your main vacuum for a deep clean.

If you have a shoes-off rule in the caravan, it will increase the length of life of the caravan carpet. At a minimum, have a doormat like you would at home.

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