Caravan Insurance

Although caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it is highly recommended for a number of reasons!

Whether you are out and about with your touring caravan or staying put in a static, a trusted caravan insurance policy will cover you for many eventualities.

Caravan Sleeps have partnered up with A-plan Insurance and Caravan Guard to help guide you through the process of buying a caravan insurance policy.


touring caravan insurance

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What Does Caravan Insurance Cover?

A typical caravan policy should cover you for theft, accidental damage, third party liability.

  • Theft – applies to tourers being stolen.
  • Third Party Liability – covers you for any claims made against you as the result of an accident.
  • External Damage – any damage made to the outside of the caravan.
  • Internal Damage – any damage made to the inside of the caravan.

Check individual policies for coverage details.

Touring Caravan Insurance

touring caravan insurance

When you’re out adventuring in your pride and joy the last thing you want to be worrying about is damage to your tourer.

It’s worth the small expense of paying for touring caravan insurance for the knowledge that you are covered should anything happen to it.

Typical touring caravan insurance should cover accidental damage, theft, storm, fire and flood.

Static Caravan Insurance

You don’t need to legally get insurance for a static caravan, but some holiday parks will make it a condition of siting your holiday home with them.

In any case, getting static caravan insurance makes total sense for your own peace of mind.

Expect a typical static caravan insurance policy to cover internal and external damage due to fire, leaks or weather, contents theft, public liability and with some policies, renters damage.

The cost of static caravan insurance is very reasonable for the value of your beloved holiday home!

static caravan insurance guide

What You Need To Get Caravan Insurance

Before you make contact for a quote gather together the following information. This will help make the process of getting caravan insurance quicker and more straightforward.

  1. Caravan Details: make, model, registration number.
  2. Personal Details: name, address, contact details.
  3. Cover Details: do you already have a caravan insurance policy? Have the policy number and details to hand.
  4. Security Details: alarms, tracking, storage plans.

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