Best Caravan Awnings (in 2024)

best caravan awnings

Caravan awnings are on our list of recommended caravan accessories. If you are looking for the best caravan awnings on the market in 2024 to fit your tourer, look no further than our buying guide below.

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Why Do You Need A Caravan Awning?

Although not an essential part of a touring caravan kit, they do offer a number of benefits;

  • They provide shelter, shade and protection from the elements
  • They create an extra room/space – use if for eating, sleeping, extra storage or for some time away from the kids 😉
  • A great place for a dog to sleep

Types Of Awnings For Caravans

Full Awnings

full caravan awning

A full awning will cover the whole length of a touring caravan and will need to be bought according to the size of your caravan. You can measure the size of your caravan but a more accurate method would be to check the manual that should have come with the caravan.

Porch Awnings

caravan porch awning

A porch awning is much smaller than a full awning and will only cover part of your caravan. Porch awnings come in a variety of width sizes, the size you go for will depend on what you intend to use the porch for.

Inflatable Awnings

There is now a wide range of inflatable awnings available for touring caravans, with full-size or porch. They can make a great alternative to pole awnings, not only because they are quicker to erect, but also because they can withstand windy conditions more easily.

Sun Canopies or Rollout Awnings

caravan sun canopy

If you only want an awning to provide shade in the summer months, a canopy-style awning will be all you need. They can either be fixed permanently to the side of a caravan or you can erect it yourself.

Buying Guide

Before you buy an awning it’s worth thinking about the following points.

Quality and Standards

Make sure any awning you buy meets the international standard of legislation BS EN ISO 8936. In the UK, awnings are graded as either Lightweight (L) or Touring (T). Lightweight awnings are suitable for summer use and touring awnings are suitable for caravanning all year round (not including snow).

Porch vs Full Awning

Whether you want a porch or a full awning will depend on what you want to use it for. If it’s just for storing wet boots, or, there are just 2 of you, a porch awning will likely be enough. For families or those who want to be able to set up a dining area, a full awning would be more appropriate.

Pole vs Inflatable

Traditional pole awnings will be slightly cheaper than air awnings, but the prices of the latter are slowly coming down as more manufacturers and models come on the market. The obvious benefit of an inflatable awning is the speed and ease with which you can put one up.


Awnings for caravans vary in price from around £250 to £3,000 – the amount you spend will very much depend on the size, quality and type of awning you buy.


The best type of material for caravan awnings are ones that are durable and rip free. Most fabrics used also block out light and are waterproof.

Acrylic is the preferred material as it is the longest-lasting fabric and is less likely to rot, however, it will be the most costly.

Less durable than acrylic is polyester. Although polyester isn’t as hardwearing as acrylic it doesn’t gather as much condensation as it has more ability to breathe.

It’s important that the stitching around the seams and zips is of high quality and reinforced around any openings.

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