Caravan Storage Ideas

Caravan Storage Ideas

More and more people are enjoying the experience of owning and holidaying in their very own touring caravan.

Taking your own holiday home wherever you go is a great way to take along some home comforts.

But, whether you have a small caravan, such as a Mini Micro 14′, or a 6-berth luxury caravan from the Swift Elegance Grande Range, caravan storage needs to be planned ahead of time. 

Fortunately touring caravan manufacturers plan the layouts with storage in mind, but forward-thinking ensures that you take everything you need without unnecessary clutter – too much stuff can create frustration in a smaller space than you’re used to.

In this guide, we will share some of our favourite caravan storage ideas so that your next caravan holiday is an organised and clutter-free one!


A good tip from a seasoned caravan enthusiast is to make a note of things you use at home the week before you go on holiday. Starting in the kitchen, consider the utensils, crockery, pans, and cutlery that you use.

Do you actually need all the “just in case” items we cram into the case at the last minute? Probably not!

The Kitchen

  • There is a wide variety of stackable, unbreakable melamine kitchenware available to minimise breakage and storage in your caravan. 
  • Paper plates and cups are a lightweight, easy to store option if you’re entertaining on holiday. 
  • Drawers tend to be the best space-saving option for crockery and glasses. A wine box is ideal for wine storing glasses.
  • Depending on the size of your cutlery drawer, there is a range of non-slip cutlery trays available to keep your cutlery organised and accessible. Again, consider how many forks one person needs for a week or two away and pack cutlery set for each person.
  • Work surface space in a caravan is often limited, so instead of a knife block, you might consider mounting a knife holder on the wall or inside a cupboard door. 
  • Magnetic holders are also available. Wall-mounted kitchen organisers for scissors, corkscrew, tin opener and essential utensils are a handy option too. 
  • You could consider a knife roll or knife sheaths in the cutlery drawer for smaller caravans. Sink covers also create additional surface space.
  • Lightweight, stackable pots and pans stored on a non-slip mat make life easier in the caravan kitchen. Non-slip rubber or plastic mats will also secure the toaster, kettle and coffee maker. 
  • Foil and clingfilm can also be stored in a wall-mounted dispenser.
  • Most campsites have a communal laundry, some with driers.

Cleaning & Washing Up

  • Washing up in a caravan can be tricky because drainer space is often restricted. A collapsible drainer and drying mat are an option to avoid wet tea towels, or a foldable, collapsible washing up bowl so you can do the washing up outside in the sun. 
  • Consider how much washing up liquid you need and dispense into a smaller space-saving container. Use disposable wipes to clean and disinfect the surfaces. 
  • Plastic covered wire containers for cleaning products can be stored on non-slip mats under the sink. 
  • Washing up sponges with rubber bases can be attached to the sink. 
  • Keep related items together for easy access, for example, torch, candles, matches. Use plant-based detergents for safe disposal without using the grey tank.
  • Storing brooms, mops, and brushes can be problematic in a caravan where they often end up in the bathroom or outside on the steps. Handy telescopic brooms with a clip-on dustpan are one solution or use wall clips to store brooms and mops tidily.


  • Buy fresh where you can.
  • Airtight containers which nest and can be stacked when not in use and a lightweight fridge hammock for fruit and vegetables is an innovative, space-saving idea. 
  • Be smart with vertical storage; half-empty boxes of cereal, tea bags, salt and pepper, stock cubes etc., take up room. Again, it’s a useful idea to be mindful of what you use during the week before your holiday.


  • Sheets, mattress covers, blankets and pillow covers can be stored in vacuum bags to keep bed linen fresh and to save space. 
  • Colourful duvet storage bags are widely available, which can also be used for sleeping bags.
  • Consider your holiday destination and whether you will need extra rugs and blankets.


  • A shoe organiser on the back of the bathroom door is a simple storage solution for a range of essentials such as hairbrushes, straighteners and products, shower gel, body lotion, shaving products and sunscreen. 
  • Invest in a bathroom organiser with suction pads for the shower wall. 
  • A cabinet toilet roll holder on the inside of a cupboard or the back of the door holds up to 6 toilet rolls. 
  • Some caravans have space under the basin for an organiser ideal for the first aid kit, the hairdryer and electric razor. 
  • Microfibre towels dry faster and take up less space than cotton towels.

Clothes and Shoes

“Just in case” is perhaps the trickiest thing to eliminate from holiday packing, especially in the UK! 

  • Quick-drying, comfortable, non-iron, flexible layers of clothing which work in most situations are suggested to save space. 
  • Fold and roll items to maximise drawer space, use extended hangers and hooks inside the wardrobe. 
  • Fabric bags can be folded down when not in use.
  • An adjustable rail and multi-item hangers will yield additional hanging space in the wardrobe.
  • A hanging shoe organiser quickly hooked over a door is one of the easiest ways to store shoes. 
  • Alternatives include a plastic wall mounted holder attached to any surface or a collapsible shoe rack that can be left outside to avoid walking mud through the caravan. 
  • You can keep a collapsible plastic laundry basket outside for muddy or sandy boots and shoes. It can be easily rinsed out and collapses flat for easy storage.
  • Download all your books, magazines onto an electronic reader to save a lot of space. 
  • Invest in a visible container attached to a door or the wall for things you use all the time, such as car keys and phone chargers.

Caravan Awnings

  • An awning is a fantastic way to expand your caravan space and provide more storage options. It’s also a place to dry wet clothes, kids, and dogs. 
  • It’s easy to clutter up the awning. There’s an extensive range of clever awning space savers and storage products, including foldaway larders, tables and chairs, and cooking or barbeque equipment.
  • Be mindful of the weight of the awning when travelling. Either store it in the roof box or on the floor over the axle.

How To Load A Caravan

When towing your caravan, place the heaviest items on the floor over the axle, if possible, medium weight items in the centre below the windows and the lightest items, keep low or in overhead storage cupboards if unbreakable.

Roof racks, boxes and ladders provide additional storage space, ideal for heavier items such as the awning.

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