Can You Poop In A Caravan Toilet?

Pooping isn’t a glamourous topic, but it’s a necessary discussion for all types of campers! 

Whether you like talking about it or not, we’ve all got to go at some point 😉

Most modern touring caravans come with on-board bathroom facilities, and that includes a toilet.

If you are new to touring, you might be asking the question, should you use the caravan toilet, and more importantly, can you poop in a caravan toilet?

The short answer is, yes, you can use a caravan toilet to poop in. You will need to empty and clean the toilet frequently (more on this below), but there are some other things you need to think about too! 

Do All Touring Caravans Have A Toilet?

The Bailey Unicorn V Cabrera Washroom

Typically all touring caravans will have a toilet on-board; even small caravans such as the Swift Basecamp have a bathroom and toilet.

Some of the tiny caravans, such as those from the Go-Pod range, don’t have a separate bathroom in the layout, but they do have a portable toilet that can be used in the caravan, or preferably, in a standalone camping toilet tent.

Why You Might Want To Use Your Caravan Toilet For Pooping

You’ve invested in a caravan with on-board facilities; why wouldn’t you want to use them? 

Who wants to go and share toilet facilities with the rest of the campsite?

Besides, when you wake up at 2 am, and it’s cold and wet outside, do you really want to be searching for the headtorch to trudge over to the toilet block when there is a toilet a few feet away?

There may well also be occasions when there are no toilet facilities. By becoming familiar with the caravan toilet, you can be confident when staying at a more back to basics style site.

Why You Might Not Want To Use Your Caravan Toilet For Pooping

It might be stating the obvious, but whatever is ‘delivered’ in the caravan toilet needs to be emptied.

A caravan toilet is a chemical toilet and does not flush in the same way as toilets in homes. Instead of disposing of waste into the sewer system, a chemical toilet empties into a cassette.

Considering your fellow caravanners also needs to be taken into account; if pooping in the caravan toilet is going to happen, you should also establish who will be emptying it and when!

Where Can You Empty A Caravan Toilet?

The waste needs to be disposed of appropriately, which will involve emptying the tank at a designated Chemical Disposal Point, or as it is sometimes called, an Elsan Point. Don’t empty it anywhere else.

How Often Should You Empty A Caravan Toilet?

The best answer is as often as possible, but how often will depend on how many people are using it and for what purpose – if we’re talking about pooping in a caravan toilet, then as soon as possible.

Many caravans have an indicator light to show you when the toilet needs emptying, but it is good practice to open it every day as a matter of routine.

Caravan Toilet Liners

Some people like to use toilet liners to protect the basin and keep it cleaner and fresher for longer. There are biodegradable liners available so that they break down in the cassette or tank.

Can You Put Toilet Paper In A Caravan Toilet?

caravan toilet paper

It is recommended to use toilet paper that easily dissolves, so go for the cheaper supermarket brands, or use soluble toilet paper specially designed for flushing in portable toilets. 

These can be found at caravan and camping supply shops or online at Amazon.

What Are The Best Chemicals For Caravan Toilets?

Consider which chemicals you need to keep your caravan toilet and the waste tank clean.

Before you arrive on-site, check what type of chemicals are allowed; many will only accept environmentally-friendly varieties.

Different chemicals have different jobs; they will need to be able to kill the bacteria as well as break down waste. Hopefully, they will also get rid of (or more likely disguise!) the smell.

They come in liquid or tablet form, with the latter being more expensive but more convenient.

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