Caravan Decking: From Basics to Best Practices

Caravan Decking

Do you own a caravan? Maybe you should add a caravan decking.

If you’re lucky enough to own a static caravan, then you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like spending a weekend or a week away in your very own home away from home.

But what can make your stay even more enjoyable? Why, getting some decking for your caravan, of course!

Caravan Decking

Here, we take a look at some of the reasons why decking can be such an excellent addition to your static caravan, as well as the logistics of getting decking installed.

A Guide To Static Caravan Decking

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Why Get Decking For Your Static Caravan

Caravan decking
Caravan Decking

Installing decking around your caravan can seem like a large investment, so it’s worth thinking about the benefits.

  • Decking is an easy way to improve the look of your caravan.
  • It can be used to create a functional outdoor space.
  • It’s a great way to add value to your caravan.
  • Decking can help to reduce drafts and insulate your caravan when combined with skirting.
  • If fire regulations permit you to use the space underneath the decking to create some outdoor storage.
  • The right kind of decking and installation might enable you to have a hot tub – but you will need to check with the holiday park if this is permitted.

Do Holiday Parks Allow Caravan Decking?

Asking the holiday park if caravan decking is allowed should be your first part of the research process.

They may have certain rules about the style, materials and colour allowed. You will also need to check how large the decking can be and ask where your boundaries go up.

Is Caravan Decking Covered By Insurance?

Many static caravan insurance providers will include the decking as part of your policy, but you must inform them that you have it and ensure it complies with any fire or building regulations. Any reputable decking installer should be adhering to these regulations anyway.

It might be worth a quick call to your insurance provider to ask how installing decking might affect your premium and policy.

Static Caravan Decking Ideas

Once you’ve checked out any design guidelines with the holiday park, it’s time to think about how you want your decking to look!

For inspiration and ideas, head to some decking installer websites; they will likely have a gallery or brochure you can download.

You could also have a walk about the holiday park you are on and see if any inspire you – and then ask the owner (if appropriate) who installed it for them.

Here are some things to think about;

Caravan Decking Lights

Caravan Decking Lighting

The lighting on your caravan decking can add a special atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing on those warm summer nights.

Caravan Decking Shape and Size

Once you know the boundary you can go up to (check with the holiday park), you can start designing the shape and size of your caravan decking. You could opt for a small area on one side of the static, or, if space allows, go for a U-shaped decking that wraps around the caravan.

Caravan Decking Materials

Most caravan decking material is made using uPVC, vinyl or composite. These materials are easier to maintain and keep clean than traditional treated timber.

A variety of different colours are available, and you can choose to match the decking with that of your static caravan, or even go for a woodgrain effect style.

The decking company will provide cleaning and maintenance guidance – caravan decking materials tend to be durable and slip-resistant.

Decking Gates

If you have young children or pets who will be using the decking area, a lockable gate is a good idea.

Caravan Decking Furniture

Shorefield Family enjoying meal on decking of hot tub lodge
Photo Credit: Shorefield Holidays

A bench, sun loungers, or outdoor dining set can all be part of your caravan decking.

Although outdoor furniture is designed to be used outside, it’s often worth shopping around for a decent-quality option that will stand up to the weather.

Getting a weatherproof cover for the furniture is also a great idea.

Before buying any furniture, make sure you have somewhere to store it over the winter or during long periods of time when you won’t be there.

Ex-Display Caravan Decking

If you want a more economical option for installing caravan decking, you might consider using caravan decking or ex-display caravan decking.

Ask at your holiday park for any contacts, or have a look on eBay. Just make sure you measure up before buying anything.

Static Caravan Decking Prices

The cost of caravan decking and installation has a lot of variables. The amount of decking that you require, the materials you are using, and any extras, such as lighting, will all factor into the final price.

According to Check A Trade, uPVC tends to be the cheapest decking option and is priced at roughly £12 per square metre;

“The average static caravan decking prices are around £1,600. This includes labour and materials on a 10m x 15m decking.”

Caravan Decking Installers

There are a number of caravan decking installers across the country – ask the holiday park and other owners if they have any recommendations for a reputable company.

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