5 Reasons Why Buying A Static Caravan Makes Sense

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Are you thinking about buying a static caravan?

At Caravan Sleeps we thought it would be useful to explore the obvious, and possibly hidden benefits, of investing in a static caravan as your new holiday home!

Static caravan ownership in the UK is the largest market in Europe, with staycations becoming increasingly more popular in today’s climate. It really is worth looking into the opportunity of caravan ownership.

Here are our top 5 reasons for you to consider:-

1. You Are In Control Of Your Holiday Accommodation - Peace Of Mind

Besides saving hour upon hour hunting around for the best deal for a week long holiday online, owning your own holiday home eliminates all uncertainty of what you are booking.

There is always a chance that the photos and descriptions on some holiday booking sites aren’t an exact match for what awaits you on check in.

Also, having picked the location for the static home – it’s a guarantee you will be happy with your location!


2. You Choose When You Are Taking Your Holiday - Freedom And Flexibility

It’s right up there as one of the biggest benefits of owning your own static caravan.

You have the freedom to choose when you spend time in it, it’s in your hands and fits in with the plan that suits you.

Whether it be in high season, or a last minute weekend getaway, there will be no need to book ahead of time, leave deposits and rush the family to reach the designated check-in time.

Arrive at 2am if you like – it is your place after all !

3. Create An Extra Income By Letting Your Home - Cost Effective And Hassle Free

You can’t spend every spare moment at the static caravan – even though you would like to of course. It is a real cosy home from home after all.

Basically, it’s a great source of income if you can let the caravan out to other families or individuals.

It can be extremely beneficial during any peak months, where higher rates are much more achievable.

Some owners prefer to holiday in “off peak” times as the parks maybe more tranquil and relaxed. All the much better if a paying holiday maker has covered your running costs for your own break.

If your static home is on a holiday park in the UK, it’s more than likely there will be a management letting team that will oversee everything that is required too – making extra money is a no brainer!

4. You Can Create Fantastic Memories With Your Family And Friends - Fun And Sociable Holidays

family on beach holiday

The very nature of the way a holiday in your static caravan is really lends itself to some real quality family time together.

You should of course select the right holiday park for you and your needs, for example a seaside location, rural adventure, family orientated or a tranquil and relaxed park setting.

Whatever suits, there will be other families and potential friends enjoying the same kind of break you do !

For some children, it is a very exciting prospect to keep returning to the same destination where they made friends a year or a few months before – memories matter for children and adults!

5. The Investment Could Pay For Itself - Security And Potential

Once you crunch the numbers you might discover that buying a static caravan is actually more financially viable than you realised. 

If you factor in the combination of your own personal caravan holidays, together with the potential of privately renting it out, your static caravan purchase could at a minimum pay for itself, or even turn a profit.

In the current climate it is a fact that ‘Staycations’ are rapidly on the rise. It is already estimated that at least 35 percent of Brits do holiday in the UK anyway.

The cost to purchase a static caravan will of course vary depending on whether it’s brand new, or preowned, together with it’s location and park facilities.

It is possible to seek funding to finance the purchase of your second home which can make more sense if you are planning to sublet it.

In high season it could cover any repayments plus maintenance fees – in effect the investment potentially pays for itself.

Very importantly, in the long term if you were to compare the actual costs of taking any holidays throughout the year, it could make better financial sense to buy your own caravan.

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