Static Caravan Insurance - How To Pick The Best

If you are thinking of buying a static caravan, they are a great asset to have, whether you’re using one for permanent residence or as a holiday home in your favourite location. 

Having insurance on your static caravan is the safest way to have peace of mind so that if anything ever did happen, your prized mobile home would still be with you. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting static caravan insurance but are unsure about where to start, we’ve got you covered. Below is a guide with everything you need to know and how you can protect your holiday home. 

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Static Caravan Insurance Providers


A-Plan Insurance can provide you with specialist Static Caravan Insurance. Please click the link below to request a quote from them.


Leisuredays offer extensive cover for your static, chalet or lodge with a dedicated team of holiday caravan experts on hand to answer all your queries.

What Does Static Caravan Insurance Cover?

To decide if purchasing caravan insurance is worth your while, you should first consider what it can cover. 

Not all policies are the same, but most will protect your mobile home in case of damage, severe weather, or crime. Below are some of the main things each policy covers:

Weather Damage

You never know when a bad storm or flood is around the corner. It could damage your caravan to the point it needs repairs or scrapped altogether. Insurance will cover the costs for either of these. 


As much as we’d like to believe no one would steal from your caravan, and it is much less likely to happen on a secure holiday park, it can of course happen. 

Check if your static caravan insurance policy covers the contents of your caravan, some policies don’t, but you can pay extra for it. 

You should also check if your home insurance includes any possessions when you’re on holiday.

Renters Damage

If you decide to rent out your static caravan to others for holidays, it’s worth checking what extra coverage you need.

You will need to tell your insurer, but it’ll cover you for any accidental or deliberate damage caused by those staying in your property.

Public Liability

Accidents happen, and someone could get hurt while using your caravan. This is useful to have if you’re renting, as it will cover any damages caused to someone on site. 

Permanent residence

If you do decide to use your caravan as your year-round home, you’re going to need insurance for this. Check your static caravan insurance policy covers this. You may need a different ‘park home’ insurance.

Home emergency

There may be times where your gas, electricity, or water cuts out on you. You may have to pay extra for this, but you can get fast help by including it in your policy.

Legal Protection

In rare instances, you may need insurance to cover the costs of any legal action that has been taken against your caravan. This would also be an extra cost in your policy. 

Key Cover

We’ve all felt that feeling of panic when we thought we lost our car or house keys. You won’t need to worry about that anymore as your policy could pay for a locksmith and new keys if lost.

European Cover

If your static or lodge is located in Europe rather than the UK, you may need a different type of cover – check with your insurance provider.

What Doesn't Static Caravan Insurance Cover?

Although a lot is included in static caravan insurance, some things aren’t that you might want to be aware of. 

Here are some of the common exclusions in most policies:

  • Cosmetic wear and tear
  • Pest control and pest damage
  • Damage or theft due to inadequate security
  • Damage or theft if your caravan is your permanent residence/renting it out, but you haven’t stated that in your policy
  • If you use your caravan for trading

What Are The Different Types of Static Caravan Insurance?

There are different types of static caravan insurance, and you may want to have a look at what sets them apart to choose the best one for you. 

Doing your research is valuable as there is a competitive market where companies are fighting to keep premiums low for their customers. 

To help you save time searching for the best one, here are the two main policies:

  • Park Home and Lodge Insurance: You may want to select this policy if you’re using your caravan as your permanent residence due to the fact it’s similar to typical household insurance. 
  • Holiday Home Insurance: If holidaying is your mobile home’s primary purpose, you will want to opt for this policy. However, your caravan will still be covered even when you’re not around. 

Do You Have To Insure a Static Caravan?

You may be wondering about whether getting static caravan insurance is really worth it. While it isn’t a legal requirement, and you can own a caravan without it, you might be putting yourself at more significant financial risk should something go wrong.

Firstly, some caravan parks have rules that your mobile home will need to be insured to keep it on site. Not having the protection in place could make it more difficult to find a place to keep it.

Secondly, static caravans aren’t cheap. Most are worth thousands of pounds, so why wouldn’t you want to ensure it’s safe in case anything goes wrong? 

Imagine if there was a storm and a tree fell on it, or a fire broke out? Without the insurance in place, you’ve lost the large sum of money you invested in it. By paying that extra amount on insurance, you can sleep well at night, knowing you’ll always be covered in case of some freak accident. 

How Much Does Static Caravan Insurance Cost?

Your first thought is probably since you get a lot with static caravan insurance, it must be costly. 

However, although the cost to buy a static caravan is more than a touring caravan, it is usually cheaper to insure a static (relative to the caravan’s value). The risk of accident or theft is much lower with a static vs a tourer and so static insurance premiums tend to be lower.

The average annual insurance premium is around £200 to £300, but it can vary depending on the value of the static caravan. The excess is usually between £160 – £180, depending on your policy. 

Since a static caravan is a significant investment, an insurance policy is of great value to keep it safe and peace of mind.

What Do I Need To Get a Quote?

Getting a quote is easy, and you can get an instant one online in a few minutes.

All you need is to provide a few details about yourself and your static caravan.

Here are the four things most insurance companies will need from you to provide you with an estimate: 

  1. Your personal information: name, age, employment status, etc.
  2. Your caravan’s details: make, model, size, and year of manufacture.
  3. Security: the security of your caravan as well as the holiday park or site you’re keeping it on.
  4. The level of cover you want.

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