List Of Static Caravan Site Fees 2022

list of static caravan site fees

One question that comes up quite frequently with buyers is static caravan site fees. If you’ve been researching the process of static caravan ownership you will know that there are other costs associated other than the initial outlay of the actual holiday home.

Below we list some of the static caravan sites fees on the larger holiday parks. Please note that these prices are subject to change and it’s necessary to always check with the seller before agreeing to buy a static caravan or lodge.

What Do We Mean By Site Fees?

On top of the cost of your static caravan, there will also be an annual cost to site it on a holiday park. This generally covers costs such as park maintenance, use of park facilities as well as security on site. Always ask what is included in the site fee before signing up to any agreement with the holiday park.

How Do I Pay Holiday Park Site Fees?

Some holiday parks will include a period of time, such as the first year, for free when you purchase a static caravan directly from them. But this isn’t the case with all parks so before buying you will need to ask how you need to pay the site fee. Some holiday parks will allow you to pay in instalments, whereas others will want it to be paid annually in advance.

What Isn’t Included In Site Fees?

Usually, general running costs aren’t included such as non-domestic rates, gas, electricity, water and static caravan insurance.

Below are some examples of site fees at the main holiday parks in the UK. Remember to check the latest details before buying.

Aria Resorts Site Fees

Site Fees: Start from around £3,100 to approx £5,000 per year

Due: Annually as 1 payment by 31st December

Site fees vary between resorts and plots within the parks. Larger plots will usually come with a higher site fee. A site fee at Aria Resorts includes access to the park as well as facilities within the park including any swimming pools, organised activities and entertainment and use of play areas.

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Shorefield Park Fees

Site Fees: Start from around £4,125 per year

Due: Fees can be paid over 6 or 12 months by direct debit (with an administration charge).

Shorefield site fees depend on the holiday park as well as where your caravan is situated within the park and the actual size of the caravan.

The annual site fee at Shorefield includes maintenance of the park, security, use of facilities and entertainment.

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Lovat Park Site Fees

Site Fees: Enquire at park

Due: Annually in November

Site fees vary at different Lovat Park sites. They include access to park facilities including any owner exclusive events and activities. Owners are notified annually in November of the site fee.

Additional costs at Lovat Park include;

  • Non-domestic rates, billed annually in June
  • Electric (metered), billed twice a year, in June and December

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Haven Holiday Park Site Fees

Site Fees: Start from around £2,945 to approx £10,000+ per year

Due: Annually by the end of February

The cost of siting a static caravan on a Haven site varies by quite a bit depending on the park and pitch location. Site fees must be paid in full by the end of February, in time for the start of the season on 1 March.

Other than the pitch, your annual site fee includes maintenance and security, grass cutting, landscaping and general park upkeep as well as the use of all the park facilities.

Park Leisure Site Fees

Site Fees: Start from around £3,350 to approx £8,950 per year

Due: Enquire at park

Park Leisure site fees include access to the park and use of all facilities as well as maintenance of the park, security, refuse and gas bottle collection.

Comparing Site Fees – Things To Consider

It’s quite hard to compare different site fees at different holiday parks – there are many variables.

Here are some things to think about when comparing costs.

Park Opening Times

Some holiday parks are open for 12 months of the year. Although you can’t live year-round in your holiday park home this extended opening time provides more opportunity for not only your own holidays but also the chance to rent out your static caravan to help cover costs.

What’s Included

It’s really important to ask exactly what is included in the annual site fee. As a general rule, all holiday park site fees include use of facilities, park maintenance (nb. not holiday home maintenance) and park security. Most site fees won’t include costs such as water, electricity, gas, non-domestic rates and insurance.

Special Offers

Special offers for site fees usually only occur on the initial purchase of your holiday home – but some parks will include the first year’s site fees as part of the deal, or offer a discount. It’s always worth the ask!

Payment Schedule

Some parks require the site fee is paid annually in advance whereas others will accept it in instalments – ask what payment options are available.


The facilities at sites vary considerably, some are very basic whereas others have large entertainment complexes. When looking at different site fees remember to look at what the holiday park has available for owners.

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