Haven Ownership – Everything You Need To Know

A guide to Haven ownership with four pictures of static caravans on holiday parks

Are you considering buying a caravan or lodge on a Haven Holiday site?

You probably have plenty of questions about Caravan Ownership, specifically Haven Ownership!

Read on and learn everything you need to know with our Haven Ownership Guide.

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Family Fun at Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park
Family Fun at Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

Why Choose Haven?

  • Haven Holidays is a well-known and trusted household name in the UK with over 50 years of experience in the holiday park sector.
  • Haven has 38 parks across England, Scotland, and Wales, all located near the coast. Each park has its own atmosphere and personality, and many activities and amenities keep everyone busy during their stay. 
  • Haven Holidays are approved by the National Caravan Council (NCC), meaning all caravans they sell meet high quality and safety standards. 
  • Haven offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind about your purchase within this time frame. 
  • Each park has exclusive owner benefits such as discounts on entry tickets to attractions or other park activities, special events for owners, and exclusive owner-only facilities such as swimming pools and fitness centres. 
  • There are currently 25,000 caravan owners who have chosen Haven as their provider.
  • Stock includes caravans and lodges ranging from brand-new to used models at various price points.
  • All caravans are made in the UK by well-known static caravan manufacturers, so you know you’re receiving top-notch quality from the most respected brands in the industry.
  • If you want to bring your four-legged friends along on holiday, Haven offers dog-friendly holiday parks! 

Who Owns Haven Holidays?

Haven Holidays is a chain of holiday parks in the United Kingdom owned by Bourne Leisure. The company operates self-catering static caravan holiday parks, including touring facilities.

It has 38 family holiday parks with different places to stay, from modern caravans to luxury lodges.

Bourne Leisure is the largest privately-owned holiday operator in the UK.

Is Buying A Static Caravan A Good Idea?

If you want to buy a holiday home, static caravan ownership offers many benefits, including;

  • Lower purchase prices than brick and mortar
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Regular use of a holiday park with all its on-site facilities
  • Becoming part of an owner community with social events and activities included
  • The potential for a side income to cover some or all running costs.
Caravans for sale at Caister-on-Sea
Caravans for sale at Caister-on-Sea (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

But, along with the benefits, there are also important things to consider;

  • When buying a static caravan, it’s important to research and ensure you’re getting good value for your money.
  • Consider how much it costs to keep the caravan at the park, how good the amenities are, and how much holiday rent could bring in if you let it out. 
  • It’s also important to check if you can resell your caravan when you want to and what the depreciation costs will likely be. Always remember that the resale value of your holiday home will decrease over time.

Buying a static caravan can be a rewarding experience when done carefully and with good planning.

Which Haven Park Should I Buy On?

There are several things to consider when deciding which Haven Holiday Park to buy a caravan on.

  • Location – look for a park close to where you live, as this will make it easier to visit more frequently.
  • Price – check the cost of site fees and running costs, as these can be significant factors when deciding.
  • Letting Opportunities – if you are considering letting your caravan out, make sure there is enough demand in your chosen park before committing.
  • Facilities – decide what kind of atmosphere you want, whether you want plenty of entertainment or somewhere quieter.
  • Local Attractions – explore the area and determine if there is enough nearby to keep you occupied when away from the park.
  • Dog-Friendliness – ensure that your chosen park welcomes dogs. What areas will your dog be allowed in? Is there a limit to how many dogs you can bring? Does the local area have many dog-friendly locations to take them to?
  • Owner Benefits – what perks do you get for being an owner of the park? Some parks have owner-only events, swimming pool times, days out etc. We cover this in detail below and within our individual Haven park guides.
  • Owner Reviews – during the research phase, including when you visit a park, ask current owners what it is like to own a holiday home there. Ask questions such as what it is like during different seasons, what is customer care like etc.

How Much Does A Caravan Cost At Haven?

The short answer to this is that ‘it depends.’

The cost of buying a caravan varies depending on so many factors that it would be impossible to give you just one figure.

Instead, we will give you a ‘starting from’ and estimated costs to give you an idea of the budget range you need to consider.

Haven Ownership Costs

As with any static caravan purchase on a holiday park, you can expect extra ownership costs. 

This section will cover typical Haven Ownership running costs, including site fees, utilities, insurance, and the initial cost of buying a caravan or lodge.

Remember the costs will vary depending on which park you choose to buy on, where your caravan is sited within the park, and any special offers currently running.

Below we compare two Haven holiday parks, one located in Dorset and one located in Yorkshire to give you an idea of how much you are likely to pay for a holiday home.

Considering that these are based on new caravans for sale, Haven also sells a range of used caravans where the prices will be less. Haven also offers finance options if you would prefer to spread the cost.

Caravan Ownership Costs At Rockley Park

The following numbers are based on what it could cost to own a caravan at Rockley Park in Dorset.

  • Cost of new home: £34,995
  • Site Fees: from £7,407 a year (check special offer for free site fees in 2023 – only available at select parks, see below for park details)
  • Running Costs: from £1,985 a year

Total Cost Year 1: starting at £44,387

Total Cost Year 2: starting at £9,392 

Caravan Ownership Costs At Blue Dolphin, Yorkshire

The following numbers are based on what it could cost to own a caravan at Blue Dolphin Holiday Park in Yorkshire.

  • Cost of new home: £38,995
  • Site Fees: from £4,360 a year (check the special offer for free site fees in 2023 – only available at select parks, see below for park details)
  • Running Costs: from £1,787 a year

Total Cost Year 1: starting at £45,142

Total Cost Year 2: starting at £6,147

What Do Haven Running Costs Include?

Annual running costs include site fees, rates, water, gas, electricity and insurance.

What Does The Cost Of The Caravan Include?

The amount you pay is for the caravan, siting, connection and safety & security essentials. It doesn’t include the extra annual costs, which are ‘site fees’ and ‘running costs.’

Extra add-ons are available such as caravan decking – perfect for watching those summer sunsets!

Gold Grade Caravan Living Room
Gold Grade Caravan Living Room (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

Haven Site Fees Across All Parks – How They Compare

Site fees vary for owning a caravan in a Haven holiday park.

Always confirm with the sales team how much the site fees will be for your holiday home before purchase.

When Are Haven Site Fees Due?

Holiday homeowners will need to pay their site fees in advance of the season starting on 1 March.

What Is Included In A Haven Site Fee?

The Haven site fee includes keeping your caravan in the holiday park. Also, it includes security, general park upkeep, grass cutting, landscaping and any other maintenance of onsite facilities.

It also includes the use of facilities in the park and some other owner-specific benefits (see further down for details).

Site fees are due annually and will vary depending on the holiday park.

Can I Get Finance For My Haven Holiday Home?

Yes, Haven provides finance options. A ten percent deposit is payable at the time of purchase, followed by monthly installments as agreed upon with your finance provider. 

Can I Rent Out My Haven Caravan?

Yes, you can rent out your Haven caravan. However, it is important to ensure you know the requirements for renting out a caravan and adhere to them.

This may include getting certain safety checks done, adhering to the regulations set by Haven, and having necessary insurance in place.

You should also bear in mind that rental income from your caravan may be subject to taxation.

How Much Can I Make Letting Out My Haven Caravan?

The amount you can make from renting out your Haven caravan will depend on several factors, including the type of caravan, its location and appeal, the length of the rental period, and any associated fees.

Generally speaking, depending on these factors, you may earn between £500 and £1,500 per week.

It is important to remember that you will have to pay tax on any money made if it falls above a certain threshold.

Additionally, deducting these fees when working out your potential net profit is important if you are using an agent, holiday listing site or Haven’s letting service.

Aerial Views at Lakeland Leisure Park
Aerial Views at Lakeland Leisure Park (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

Will Haven Help With Letting Out My Caravan?

Yes, Haven can help you with renting out your caravan. They offer a full letting and management service where they take care of everything from marketing and booking your caravan to checking guests in and making up the beds.

Can I Rent My Caravan Out Privately?

Yes, you can rent out your Haven caravan privately. Before doing so, you should check that you are covered by the necessary insurance policies to protect yourself and your guests from any risks.

If you are not local to your holiday park, you must arrange for someone to meet and greet your guests or arrange a way to hand over the keys to the caravan.

You may want to provide basic amenities such as cleaning supplies, toiletries and kitchen utensils to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests.

How Often Can I Use My Haven Holiday Home?

You can use your Haven holiday park as often as you like during the parks opening times (see below) with just a few rules in place;

  • Owners cannot use their caravan as their primary residence.
  • Owners can only stay in their holiday home for up to 60 consecutive days.
  • You are unable to receive mail addressed to your holiday home address

How Many Months Of The Year Are Haven Open?

Most of Haven’s parks are open from March until November. Some parks are open longer; check this table for exact dates.

Owners can use their holiday home for up to 60 consecutive days.

Is Haven Dog Friendly?

Absolutely! Haven welcomes dogs to many of its parks so that you can bring your furry friends along for some fun family time.

Dogs are welcome in designated walking areas and special dog exercise fields, which are located around the park.

Dog Walks at Littlesea Holiday Park
Dog Walks at Littlesea Holiday Park (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

What Static Caravan Manufacturers Do Haven Use?

Haven uses only the best static caravan manufacturers to ensure that all their holiday homes are of the highest quality.

Haven currently works with leading UK brands such as Willerby, ABI, Atlas and Swift – offering a choice of styles and designs to fit every taste.

What Types Of Holiday Homes Are Available To Buy?

Haven has a range of static caravans and lodges for sale.

Depending on your needs, they offer new and used models, ranging from two to four bedrooms.

Every holiday home has essential facilities like bathrooms and kitchens, while the more luxurious options may include extra features such as decking or additional appliances.

On a park visit, a Haven sales representative can help you find the perfect holiday home for you and your family.

Lodge At Hafan y Mor
Lodge At Hafan y Mor (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

What’s The Difference Between A Caravan And A Lodge?

The main difference between a static caravan and a lodge is the size and style.

Static caravans are typically smaller, while lodges are larger and offer a more modern and luxurious look.

Both holiday homes have essential facilities like bathrooms and kitchens; however, you may find extra features such as decking as standard or additional appliances and fixtures in the more luxurious lodges.

If you plan to let out your caravan, consider the differing rental potential between different Haven accommodation types and grades.

Should I Buy A New Or Used Caravan?

It depends on your budget and personal preference when buying a new or used caravan.

A new caravan will be new and unused by anyone else, so you can rest assured that everything should be up to spec.

But you will, of course, pay a premium for this – so consider whether it is worth the extra cost.

However, if you’re working with a tighter budget, looking for a pre-loved model may be the best option.

Owners Exclusive Haven

Owners of Haven holiday homes can look forward to many exclusive benefits, including 12 Owners Cards that give you a 15% discount in bars, restaurants and shops, 50% off sports and leisure activities throughout the season, owner-only lounges, owners-only swimming times and days out.

Plus, there are exclusive owner-only events and activities throughout the season to enjoy!

Owner benefits vary depending on the location, so check our individual park guides for exact details.

Can I Sell My Haven Caravan?

If you decide to sell your Haven caravan, the first step is to decide how much you want to sell it for. Check what similar caravans are selling for and price your home accordingly.

Haven reserves the right to first refuse at the offer price. If they don’t want to buy it, you can look at options to sell it privately or to a caravan trader.

Golden Sands Fishing Lake
Golden Sands Fishing Lake (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

Can I Sell My Haven Caravan Privately?

As discussed above, Haven reserves the right to first refusal on buying your caravan. If they choose not to, you can sell your caravan privately – you can list it for sale with us!

Haven Owners Login – Managing Your Holiday Home

Once you are the owner of a Haven Holiday home, you can register for access to a personalised dashboard with exclusive features and easy holiday home management.

Where Are Haven Holiday Parks Located?

All Haven Holiday parks are dotted along or very near the UK coastline.

They are located in the following areas;



Cala Gran

⭐ Marton Mere



⭐ Devon Cliffs



⭐ Littlesea

⭐ Rockley Park

Weymouth Bay



⭐ The Orchards



⭐ Golden Sands

⭐ Skegness

⭐ Cleethorpes Beach



⭐ Caister-on-Sea


⭐ Seashore

Wild Duck



⭐ Berwick

⭐ Haggerston Castle



⭐ Cardigan View

⭐ Garreg Wen

⭐ Greenacres

⭐ Hafan y Môr

⭐ Presthaven



⭐ Craig Tara

⭐ Seton Sands



⭐ Burnham-on-Sea

⭐ Doniford Bay



⭐ Lydstep Beach

⭐ Kiln Park

⭐ Penally Court

⭐ Quay West



⭐ Church Farm

⭐ Combe Haven



⭐ Blue Dolphin

⭐ Far Grange

⭐ Primrose Valley

⭐ Reighton Sands

⭐ Thornwick Bay

Next Steps

If, after reading this guide to Haven ownership, you want to take the next step to buy a static caravan or lodge, we recommend you arrange a visit to your chosen park so that you can take a really good look around and ask all the questions you need to in person.

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