A Guide to Holiday Home Ownership at Shorefield

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Shorefield Holidays, with its range of stunning holiday parks across the south coast of England, offers the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and luxury for those looking to own a holiday home.

In this comprehensive guide to Shorefield ownership, we will explore the various parks and accommodations available at Shorefield, as well as financing options, owner benefits, and the steps to becoming a proud holiday homeowner.

Allow us to help you navigate the world of holiday home ownership at Shorefield and find your dream retreat!

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Shorefield Holiday Parks and Their Unique Features

Shorefield Holidays offers a diverse selection of holiday parks, each with its own distinctive charm and appeal.

From the tranquil woodland setting of Oakdene Forest Park to the stunning coastal scenery of Shorefield Country Park, a park suits every taste and preference.

These are the parks in the Shorefield portfolio:

  1. Shorefield Country Park: A flagship park with luxurious spa facilities close to the beach and New Forest National Park.
  2. Oakdene Forest Park: A peaceful retreat nestled within lush woodlands, boasting fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities, and ideal for nature lovers.
  3. Forest Edge Holiday Park: A smaller, more intimate park with a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a quiet haven.
  4. Wilksworth Caravan Park: A family-friendly park with a historic charm, offering plenty of activities and amenities.
  5. Merley Court Holiday Park: A beautifully landscaped park with easy access to the countryside and the coast.
  6. New Forest Lodge Retreat: An exclusive park featuring luxurious lodges set within the enchanting New Forest National Park, perfect for those seeking a serene escape in nature.
  7. Swanage Coastal Park: A picturesque park boasting panoramic views of the Purbeck Hills and Swanage Bay, offering a tranquil coastal retreat for holiday homeowners.

Shorefield Country Park

  • 📍 Milford on Sea
  • 🏠 Holiday homes starting from £59,995
  • 🏡 Luxury lodge holiday homes from £209,995
  • 🗓️ 11 month holiday home usage
  • 🐶 Pet friendly

Shorefield Country Park, located on the south coast of England, offers a unique blend of picturesque landscapes, top-notch amenities, and excellent leisure facilities.

Nearby Attractions: The park’s prime location offers easy access to a wide range of attractions, including historic towns, scenic beaches, and family-friendly activities. Shorefield is just 800 metres from the sea at Milford-on-Sea and 3 miles from the New Forest.

Park Amenities: Shorefield Country Park boasts an impressive array of onsite facilities, including a luxury spa, swimming pools, a fishing lake, entertainment venues, and a well-stocked supermarket.

Oakdene Forest Park

Family Walks at Oakdene Forest Park
Family Walks at Oakdene Forest Park (Photo Credit: Shorefield Holidays)
  • 📍 Ringwood
  • 🏠 Holiday homes starting from £49,995
  • 🏡 Luxury lodge holiday homes from £159,995
  • 🗓️ 11 month holiday home usage
  • 🐶 Pet friendly

Oakdene Forest Park is a hidden gem nestled amidst lush woodlands, offering a tranquil retreat for holiday home ownership. With its fantastic amenities and convenient location, this park is the perfect choice for nature lovers seeking a serene escape.

Oakdene Forest Park is situated on the edge of the New Forest and within easy reach of the stunning Dorset coastline, providing the best of both worlds for holiday homeowners.

Nearby Attractions: The park’s prime location offers convenient access to a variety of attractions, including historic market towns, beautiful beaches, and numerous outdoor activities. Oakdene has direct forest access and woodland walks. It is a short drive from Bournemouth and is close to Peppa Pig World.

Park Amenities: set on 55 quiet acres on the edge of the Hurn and Avon Forest, visitors can engage in a wide range of activities, such as zorbing and archery. The park boasts an indoor swimming pool with a dedicated children’s section, a flume, and a seasonally open outdoor heated pool with a sun terrace. Multiple play areas and a spacious playing field cater to impromptu sports activities.

The Acorn Bar and Restaurant feature a diverse menu catering to children and an elegant outdoor seating area. A pet-friendly dining section is available, and major sports events are aired on Sky Sports and BT Sport. Guests can enjoy scenic woodland strolls in Hurn Forest, a well-equipped gym, and the exciting Oakdene Escape Rooms. The park also offers daytime and evening entertainment.

Shorefield Ownership Benefits

Wilksworth Caravan Park
Wilksworth Caravan Park (Photo Credit: Shorefield Holidays)

Shorefield runs an Ambassadors Club for all owners at all Shorefield Holidays parks.

This includes the following benefits for up to 10 family members:

  • 10% off bar & food prices for owners
  • 20% off treatments in the luxurious day Spa
  • Exclusive access to Health & Fitness Clubs
  • 15% off holidays for your friends and family
  • 20% off Christmas & New Year Events
  • FREE Go Active activities at Oakdene
  • Exclusive themed season opening & closing parties
  • Pool parties
  • Themed food evenings and exclusive new menu launches
  • Owners breakfasts & BBQs
  • Afternoon tea deliveries

In addition, Shorefield runs a Holiday Home Aftercare service which includes improvements and development works across all their parks.

They also offer other services, including a key release service, maintenance call-out service and seasonal club membership for those who rent out their holiday home.

To find out exactly what is included with the Ambassadors Club, speak with one of the sales team during a park visit.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Park

When choosing the ideal park for your holiday home, it’s essential to consider factors such as nearby attractions, park amenities, and the overall atmosphere.

Additionally, think about your family’s interests and preferences and the type of holiday experiences you’d like to enjoy in your home away from home.

By considering these aspects, you’ll be able to find the perfect park that aligns with your vision of holiday home ownership.

Types of Holiday Homes At Shorefield

Static Caravans, Lodges, and Luxury Options

Luxury lodge for sale at New Forest Lodge Retreat Shorefield
New Forest Lodges (Photo Credit: Shorefield Holidays)

Shorefield Holidays offers a variety of holiday home options to suit your needs, budget, and preferences. From spacious static caravans to luxurious lodges, there’s a holiday home style for everyone. Some of the available options include:

  • Static Caravans: These comfortable and well-equipped homes provide a cosy living space, including bedrooms, a living area, and a kitchen. They are an affordable and popular choice for first-time holiday home buyers.
  • Lodges: Offering more space and additional features compared to static caravans, lodges provide higher luxury and comfort. With contemporary designs and high-quality finishes, lodges are perfect for those seeking a more premium holiday home experience.
  • Luxury Options: For the ultimate holiday home experience, consider the range of bespoke and high-end lodges available at Shorefield. These exclusive properties boast exceptional design, stunning interiors, and top-of-the-line amenities.

Key Features and Benefits of Each Type

Each type of holiday home offers unique features and benefits:

  • Static Caravans: Affordability, ease of maintenance, and a cosy atmosphere.
  • Lodges: Spacious layouts, upgraded amenities, and a higher level of luxury.
  • Luxury Options: Bespoke design, exceptional quality, and access to exclusive park facilities.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Holiday Home

When choosing the perfect holiday home, consider factors such as your budget, the size and layout of the property, and your preferred style and features.

Additionally, consider the location within the park and the proximity to amenities and attractions.

Financing and Ownership Costs At Shorefield

static caravan buying costs, cost of owning a static caravan

When you visit your chosen Shorefield holiday park, speak with the sales team to discuss the best financing option for your needs.

Shorefield Holidays are FCA approved and regulated. The ownership team are trained experts who can help with questions and guidance.

Typically, a minimum of 20% of the total sales value will be required initially.

Tips For Managing The Costs Of Holiday Home Ownership

Set a realistic budget: Establish a budget that takes into account the purchase price, site fees, and ongoing expenses to ensure you can comfortably manage the costs of ownership.
Compare financing options: Research and compare the various financing options available to find the best fit for your financial situation and preferences.
Factor in potential rental income: If you plan to rent out your holiday home when you’re not using it, consider the potential income to help offset costs.
Regular maintenance: Regularly maintaining your holiday home can help prevent costly repairs and prolong the lifespan of your property.

Annual Site Fees And Additional Expenses

Annual Site Fees: Site fees typically cover park maintenance, security, and access to on-site facilities. These fees can vary depending on the park and the location of your holiday home within the park.
Utilities: Remember to factor in costs for water, gas, and electricity, which may be billed separately or included in your site fees.
Insurance: Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your investment in case of damage, theft, or other unforeseen events.
Maintenance and Repairs: Regular maintenance and repairs are essential to keeping your holiday home in good condition, so set aside funds for these expenses.

What Are The Site Fees On Shorefield Holiday Parks?

calculator on notepad working out the cost of owning a static caravan

The site fees vary between parks but they start at £4,780 a year.

What Do The Site Fees Include?

Your annual site fee includes cover maintenance and security, as well as entrance to all the park venues and facilities such as the swimming pools and entertainment.

It doesn’t include running costs such as gas and electrics which is payable by owners.

Licenses: How Long Can I Keep A Caravan On A Shorefield Park?

Licences vary depending on the age and condition of your holiday home, as well as the purchase price.

  • Luxury lodges at Shorefield typically come with a 30-year licence.
  • New 12ft wide holiday homes costing under £60,000 come with a 15-year licence.
  • New 12ft wide holiday homes with a purchase price over £60,000 come with a 20-year licence.

When purchasing a pre-owned caravan, Shorefield issues a licence period based on the age and condition of the holiday home. Licences for pre-owned caravans typically range from 8 to 14 years.

Can I Rent Out My Caravan On A Shorefield Park?

Yes, you can sublet your holiday home on Shorefield Park. Shorefield offers a hassle-free subletting service, allowing you to generate additional income when your holiday home is not in use.

The Shorefield team takes care of marketing, bookings, and guest services on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process for both you and your guests.

You can also manage subletting yourself privately. Just speak to the sales team during the purchase process to ask any questions.

By renting out your caravan or lodge you can offset some of the costs associated with holiday home ownership.

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