Buying A New Touring Caravan

buying a new touring caravan

Do you fancy buying a brand new shiny touring caravan?

There are many factors to think about when you are considering whether to buy a new or a used touring caravan. There are pros and cons to either option.

How Much Does A Brand New Touring Caravan Cost?

A brand new caravan will typically cost more with prices varying from £7,500 to £25,000 plus.

Benefits Of Buying A New Touring Caravan

  • You will be the first owner!
  • It will have the latest specifications and have up to date technology and features.
  • It will come with all the latest developments in aerodynamics.
  • It will come with zero mileage onboard.
  • Typically it will have a ten-year manufacturers warranty on the chassis and exterior body.
  • Typically it will have a three-year warranty on parts.
  • Some dealers offer free overnight stays on handover day.
  • Some dealers have arrangements with local sites; you can ask to go on a ‘try before you buy weekend.’
  • Bespoke after-sales support packages can be available via specific dealers.
  • No need to sell your part-exchange privately, as they will probably trade it in.

What To Think About

  1. Which type of tourer do you want, a twin or single axle caravan?
  2. What caravan layout will suit you best?
  3. Can your current car tow a caravan?
  4. Where will you store your caravan?
  5. What caravan security do you have?
  6. Does the price include any caravan accessories? Remember sometimes you can negotiate on what’s included – extras like solar panels or awnings might be able to be included in a good deal!
  7. What touring caravan insurance do you need?

Where Can I Buy A New Touring Caravan?

It’s crucial to pick the right dealership or retailer that will meet all of your needs. Look out for dealerships that offer a wide selection of new models and a choice of the top manufacturers.

Touring Caravan Manufacturers

  • Elddis
  • Swift
  • Bailey
  • Coachman
  • Lunar

They should:

  • Offer a wide price range with various finance facilities to compare.
  • Offer you a part exchange if needed.
  • Be approved by the NCC (National Caravan Council) as a member of their ‘Approved Dealership Scheme.’
  • Have a good reputation, be established and have superb customer service.
  • Allow you to take time on the handover and answer all your questions—make sure you understand your exciting new caravan.

At Caravan Sleeps we work with a range of approved dealers that supply quality new tourers and would be happy to introduce you to the best dealers in your area.

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