Caravan Security – Keep Your Tourer Safe

caravan security

Although theft of touring caravans is relatively low in comparison to cars, caravan security should still be taken seriously. Unfortunately, caravan theft is on the rise, and so some careful consideration should be given to protecting your caravan, whether you keep it at home, or you pay to keep it at a local caravan storage location.

It’s also worth knowing that touring caravan insurance companies require that certain security measures are put in place before they will include theft cover in a policy. Some insurance brokers will even offer discounts for those that implement extra security steps to reduce the risk of theft, so it’s well worth going above and beyond when it comes to protecting your caravan.

In this guide we will cover the different options you should consider to protect your caravan from theft.

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Hitch Lock

Milenco Super Heavy Duty AL-KO Hitchlock from Amazon.

A caravan hitch lock will stop anyone from lifting up the hitch and trying to tow away your tourer. It is kept locked with a key.

There is a wide price range when it comes to buying a caravan hitch lock – ensure they are officially recognised, either Sold Secure, or SCM Approved.

Check with your caravan insurance policy that the hitch lock you intend to use is on their recommended list.

Wheel Clamp

MILENCO 15″ Wheel Clamp M15 from Amazon.

Using a wheel clamp for security on your touring caravan is not only a great way to prevent it from being moved, but it’s also a good visual deterrent.

A wheel clamp works by locking a caravan wheel in place, but there are a variety of different types available. The larger wheel clamps tend to have a disc that covers the wheel nuts. An even more secure type of wheel clamp is one that attaches through the wheel to the actual chassis and caravan axle.

Caravan Tracker

To add an extra level of protection and to increase your chances of your caravan being recovered should it be stolen, a caravan tracker is a worthy investment. Although a reputable tracker might seem like a lot of money, the cost is worth it – and some insurers will give you a discount for having one installed. In fact, some insurers will insist that higher value caravans have a caravan tracker.

Caravan Alarm

Yale SAA5015 Wireless Alarm from Amazon

Much like you would have a car or house alarm installed, you should also have a caravan alarm. They work in a similar way to a car alarm in that you will be alerted to anyone trying to break into your tourer by producing a loud alarm sound. They also tend to have tilt alerts should anyone try to drive away with your caravan. Some also have motion detectors to pick up on anyone hovering around your tourer.

Caravan Locks

You can add some extra security around caravan doors and windows by fitting some additional locks. Always double check that if you are screwing anything into the panels that this doesn’t invalidate your warranty.

Register With CRiS

It costs as little as £15 to register your caravan with CRiS – Central Registration and Identification Scheme.

By registering your tourer it can help verify ownership should your caravan get stolen. Some caravan insurance companies will also require a CRiS document. There are additional benefits to registering with CRiS – check out their website for more information.

Caravan Storage

Paying for commercial caravan storage might be a worthwhile consideration, even if you have space on your driveway for your tourer. Most reputable places will have 24-hour security, CCTV and secure and controlled access. The cost of storage will depend on the security facilities on offer, the size of your caravan, the location and how long you intend to store it.

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