Our Pick Of The Best Lightweight Caravans

best lightweight caravans

Will your next tourer be a lightweight caravan? Everyone has a different set of criteria when it comes to choosing a tourer, and there are many reasons why a lighter caravan might be beneficial.

In this guide, we will cover the benefits of lightweight caravans, as well as take a look at some of the best tourers in each weight category.

What is a Lightweight Caravan?

From the Bailey Discovery Range

Before we get to the caravan reviews, let’s discuss what we mean by a lightweight caravan.

Although many lightweight caravans will also be small caravans, we have a separate guide to buying a small caravan. This guide will purely focus on the weight of a caravan rather than its physical size (although we do list the dimensions of each caravan).

We realise there will be some crossover between small and lightweight caravans, but there will also be exceptions where you get a physically small caravan that can’t really be classed as lightweight.

Before buying a caravan, everyone should find out what caravan weight their car can tow – unless you are prepared to buy a new car too!

Fortunately, if you opt for a lightweight caravan, your choice of tow car widens.

In this guide, we have included caravans up to 1500kg.

Benefits of Lightweight Caravans

  • Easier to tow and manoeuvre when on site.
  • Cheaper to tow.
  • Wider choice of tow cars – many can be towed with a typical family sized car.
  • More caravan storage options available.

Lightweight Caravans Under 750kg

There are a number of touring caravan manufacturers who produce the lightest caravans, below we cover some of the popular models in the under 750kg category;

Freedom – The Jetstream Twin Sport

  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 700kg
  • MTPLM: 750kg
  • Payload: 50kg
  • Length: 4.6m
  • Width: 2.03m
  • Price: Starting from £15,995

The Jetstream Twin Sport is the ultimate lightweight caravan for whatever occasion. If you’re looking for a sleek modern design for an affordable price, then this is the one for you.

With an amazing amount of equipment, this tourer still comes in at a considerably low weight. You can also be assured this vehicle will be with you for many years and journeys to come, as it’s equipped with the One Piece GRP Shell, eliminating the opportunity for dampness. This gives it the longest expected life span of any other caravan you’ll be able to find. 

Transform the cosy seating area into two single beds or one super-king, providing you with the night’s sleep you need when travelling. Equipped with a half-length wardrobe and seven overhead lockers, you’ll also be able to store anything you need.

Hot showers are a huge feature of this tourer, too, as the bathroom has a fully built-in system. The kitchen allows you to cook up a storm on the 2-burner hob and gas oven/grill with plenty of workspace space to prepare your ingredients. 

Go-Pod Plus

Go Pod Micro Caravan
  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 540kg
  • MTPLM: 750kg
  • Payload: 49kg
  • Length: 4.2m
  • Width: 2m
  • Price: £14,795

Get comfortable in the Go-Pod Plus. Unlike its standard counterpart, the plus comes with additional living space, perfect for more extended stays and bringing pets on your journeys.

Go Pod interior

You also get a built-in blown air system providing heating for those cold nights. Whether you want to use electricity or gas, the option is yours as the system is compatible with both.

There’s also the option to store all your valuables in the GRP storage box, which is completely lockable and weather resistant. 

You choose your colour scheme, so the caravan matches your needs. You’ll be able to ride around in style and make all the other campers jealous!

The lightweight design allows most small cars to tow, making road trips much easier.

With an LED porch light, you can relax outside with your family and friends at night, whether it’s having a BBQ or just watching the stars.

When you want to head inside, there’s a TV aerial socket providing you with the option for evening entertainment.

End each night on the memory foam bed, which can be transformed into two singles or one king-size bed.

Lightweight Caravans Under 1000kg

Lunar Arriva

  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 836kg
  • MTPLM: 950kg
  • Payload: 114kg
  • Length: 5.17m
  • Width: 2.04m
  • Price: £17,199

Behold the narrowest light caravan with a luxurious touch. The 6’1’’ long front seating provides enough space to sit back and relax during the day, but when you pull it out into beds, it gives you a comfortable area to sleep.

The new furnishings and doors provide this tourer with a modern look, allowing you to go on your journeys in style.

When it comes to cooking, the fully equipped kitchen offers you everything you need. With a new Thetford K series oven and an 800W microwave, you can opt for something quick and easy or prepare something for you and your travel companion to enjoy.

The double glazed windows allow for a peaceful and comfortable stay each time you go away.

Each Lunar Arriva caravan also comes with two reading lights and USB chargers, providing you with the opportunity to charge your smartphone any time and enjoy a good book at the end of each day while saving electricity.

There’s a TV socket and satellite connection point too, providing entertainment when you want a night in. This award-winning caravan will provide many luxurious journeys for years to come. 

Bailey Discovery D42

Bailey Discovery D42 lightweight caravan exterior
  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 884kg
  • MTPLM: 995kg
  • Payload: 111kg
  • Length: 5.615m
  • Width: 2.228m
  • Price: £18,099

Experience the beauty of the Bailey Discovery D42, fully equipped with all you can need in a lightweight caravan.

The opening vertical front skylight allows you to experience nature to its fullest and provides the opportunity to stargaze straight from your bed at night.

You have all the storage you could need, with an extended a-frame providing more storage solutions if required.

The Truma user-friendly digital control panel gives you complete control over your heating and water, allowing you to save on bills wherever possible.

The Bailey Discovery D42 comes with a ‘Granite Stone’ fully lined shower wet room, toilet and sink. There is also bathroom storage.

To top it off, when you’re enjoying your time in the outdoors, you don’t have to worry about pesky bugs ruining your time with the built-in flyscreen.

Bailey Discovery D42 lounge

The interior design is second to none and provides the modern aesthetic that most campers are looking for. There’s lighting wherever possible, so you can find what you need, even at night in and smaller spaces.

Sit down with your travel companion at the fold-down occasional table and have a meal cooked up in your fully equipped kitchen.

Bailey Discovery D42 kitchen

This newest model even comes with a pre-wired area for WiFi, giving you that much-needed internet access wherever you are. 

Lightweight Caravans Under 1200kg

Bailey Phoenix 420

Bailey Phoenix 420
  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 1029kg
  • MTPLM: 1146kg
  • Payload: 117kg
  • Length: 5.564m
  • Width: 2.212m
  • Price: £17,999

Transform your journeys and road trips with this sleek light caravan made for travel. The accessibility of the Bailey Phoenix 420 is impressive, as it comes with an interior grab handle helping anyone in and out of the vehicle.

The vertical front skylight gives you those breathtaking views with integral task lighting for a clearer look. The furnishings, curtains, and carpets are what make this caravan feel like home.

Everything fits together perfectly, and you’re left with a small space that can do a lot for its campers.

With enough USB sockets to charge up each traveller’s smartphone when needed, you’ll always be in touch with family and friends on your journeys too. 

Equipped with a two-drawer front chest and slide out occasional table, you can store what you need and sit back and eat meals in the same area.

The radio, CD, and MP3 player allow you to blast out whatever tunes you want whenever, whether you’re preparing dinner or simply on the move.

Speaking of dinner, you will never have a problem with cooking. The four gas burners, 103-litre refrigerator and 800W microwave oven, give you all you need to whip up a delicious meal. 

Swift Sprite Compact

  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: TBA
  • MTPLM: 1094kg
  • Payload: TBA
  • Length: 5.37m
  • Width: 2.03m
  • Price: £18,195

They say all the best things come in small packages, and that is certainly true for the Swift Sprite Compact.

This quality yet stylish caravan provides each traveller with everything they need. It comes with three opening front windows, bringing in enough sunlight to make anyone’s day a good one.

With modern Langholme furnishing, you’ll feel right at home while wondering how such a small caravan can provide such luxury.

The low energy LED lighting allows for more affordable travel while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. 

The kitchen has every chef’s dream, with a compact microwave, oven, hob, and refrigerator. You could no doubt cook a gourmet meal as though you were in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant.

The Sprite control panel allows you to take charge of the heating, lighting, and sound with just the touch of a button.

You can also enjoy a nice hot shower with an eco-friendly showerhead at the end of the day before getting into your comfortable pull out bed, which guarantees a good nights sleep. 

Lightweight Caravans Under 1300kg

Swift Sprite Alpine 2

  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: TBA
  • MTPLM: 1218kg
  • Payload: TBA
  • Length: 6.05m
  • Width: 2.25m
  • Price: £19,595

The Sprite Alpine 2 is a family favourite, all in a small package. The popularity is undoubtedly due to the modern furnishings and interior, providing a fresh look for any journey.

The three opening front windows provide enough light for every guest to wake up to feeling fresh, and the Langholme soft furnishings give it an extra edge for all to enjoy.

When nighttime falls, the low-energy LED lighting provides enough brightness at a more affordable cost. But most of all, the hardwearing fixtures are the main event, being able to withstand whatever the family may throw at it. 

The signature Sprite control panel provides excellent functionality and gives you power over the entire caravan.

You also have enough storage for more people that the caravan can even hold, meaning you can store whatever you need before the journey even comes up.

The kitchen and bathroom both come with amazing power, and all you need to cook up and clean up when the time arises.

To top it all off, the Duvalay mattress provides comfort unlike any other and is a big selling point. 

Lightweight Caravans Under 1500kg

Bailey Unicorn Seville

  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 1289kg
  • MTPLM: 1415kg
  • Payload: 126kg
  • Length: 6.474m
  • Width: 2.264m
  • Price: £26,799

This caravan is truly magical, just like the name Unicorn Seville may suggest. It’s fully equipped with a vertical front infinity window, offering a view of the entire campsite.

You can sit on comfortable seating and watch the world go by each day. The soft furnishings and finishes of the tourer are one of the main selling points. Each has been carefully chosen to match the aesthetic of the rest of the vehicle, providing each traveller with a modern and stylish touch.

One of the key features that will get anyone excited is the moulded surround with integral task lighting and speakers. 

Keep all your necessities in the streamlined front corner lockers and other storage pouches around the caravan. The touch screen user-friendly control panel allows you to take charge of the entire area, whether it’s lighting or heating.

There’s also USB connection points to charge your phone and Bluetooth capability, which allows you to play whatever music you desire.

The kitchen and bathroom are just as magical as the front room and provide you with all you need out of the areas. You even have the option to add WiFi, so where can this caravan possibly go wrong?

Swift Challenger 480

  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: TBA
  • MTPLM: 1394kg
  • Payload: TBA
  • Length: 6.66m
  • Width: 2.23m
  • Price: £24,595

Get all you need in a caravan for excellent value with the Swift Challenger 480. With a complete makeover, it comes with a fantastic furnishing scheme that’s modern yet sophisticated. The interiors combine function with style, and you get all the storage space needed and even more.

Equipped with a panoramic sunroof, you get a luxurious feel while being able to take in the natural lighting and views each day on your travels. But when the night falls, the recessed lights still allow you to take in the beauty of the entire interior. 

Place some music on the surround speakers, and you’ll feel relaxed and right at home. Like all other Swift caravans, you get the standard control panel, a comfortable mattress, and a bathroom and kitchen with all the furnishings.

You can live in this tourer very comfortably without ever wanting to leave. Once you step foot inside, you’ll want to go on as many road trips as possible, and with this vehicle, that is very possible indeed. 

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