5 Cheapest Ways To Heat A Static Caravan

cheapest way to heat a static caravan

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to heat your static caravan, then this blog post is perfect for you.

Whether you are looking to warm up your static in the summer or the winter, we’ll talk about the different types of heating available and what style will suit your needs best.

During the summer months, chances are you won’t need to heat your static. Still, at other times of the year, especially in the winter months, you will need to generate enough heat to stay warm and prevent the colder weather from creating maintenance issues such as frozen pipes.

Some of the newer and more luxurious models will likely already have central heating installed, but you might not always want to switch this on.

We’ll be looking at methods of keeping your static warm cheaply and cost-effectively.

Let’s get started!

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Portable Heaters

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Portable heaters can be used in a static caravan; options include fan heaters, oil-filled heaters, convection heaters and halogen heaters.

Most portable heaters are lightweight, easy to carry around and quick to set up – all things that come in handy when living in a caravan with limited space! They’re also pretty efficient at providing warmth too. The downside? Some heaters will only heat smaller spaces, so you will feel the cold as you move from room to room.

Thick and Thermal Curtains

If you are revamping your holiday home to suit your interior design tastes, it’s worth considering getting curtains for your static caravan that are thick and thermal.

Thermal curtains will help to both keep the heat in your static, as well as the cold out.

Draught Excluders

You can buy cheap caravan draught excluders to put around windows and the door.

Extra Blankets and Layers

If there is only a slight chill in the air, you can probably get away with just adding an extra layer or a thicker blanket to sleep under. You might consider an electric blanket (remember not to leave it switched on).

Thicker Carpet and Rugs

Keep your static warm and cosy with a thick carpet or rug underfoot. Your holiday home might already have thick carpets or even underfloor heating in the more luxurious static caravan models depending on the model and age.

These are the top cheapest ways to heat a static caravan. There are many other methods, but these will require more investment and likely the help of a professional to install.

More Ways To Heat A Static Caravan

Options include;

  • Double glazing
  • Underfloor heating
  • Central heating (if you have an older model that doesn’t already have it installed)
  • Exterior cladding
  • Install a fireplace

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