Caravans For Sale At Seton Sands

Seton Sands in Scotland by Haven, Caravans for sale at Seton Sands

Are you looking for caravans for sale at Seton Sands?

Seton Sands is the perfect holiday park if you want to get away from it all and relax with beautiful beach views and plenty of amenities.

Read on to learn about buying a caravan at this Haven-owned holiday park in Scotland.

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About Seton Sands Holiday Park

Seton Sands in Scotland by Haven, Caravans for sale at Seton Sands
Seton Sands (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

Seton Sands is a beautiful seaside park. Visitors are treated to unspoiled beach views, invigorating walks, and a stunning Firth of Forth Estuary view.

With a wide range of facilities, such as a 9-hole golf course and two indoor heated swimming pools, Seton Sands ensures a memorable stay.

The park boasts an exclusive restaurant and lounge dedicated solely to its cherished caravan owners.

Where Is Seton Sands?

Seton Sands is located in East Lothian, Scotland. The postcode is EH32 0QF, located on Links Road in Port Seton.

This part of East Lothian is quiet and peaceful, with its clean beaches and cultural history.

The region is known for its scenic landscapes and charming villages, making it the ideal place to buy a caravan.

When Is Seton Sands’s Season?

Seton Sands Holiday Park welcomes guests and caravan owners from March until November.

  • March 10, 2023 – November 6, 2023

Cost of Buying At Seton Sands

Caravans at Seton Sands start at £34,995 for a new holiday home.

These prices should be used as a guide and are correct at the time of writing. For the latest prices, contact Haven directly to download a brochure or arrange a park visit.

Outdoor Play Area at Seton Sands Holiday Park
Outdoor Play Area at Seton Sands (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

New and Used Caravan Prices

Brand-new holiday homes start from £40,299, and used caravans start from £21,995.

For those seeking luxury and extra space, lodges are available from £49,995.

Site Fees At Seton Sands

Annual site fees start from £6,050, covering essential amenities such as park facilities & maintenance, landscaping, and security.

Running costs, including utilities, insurance, and business rates, begin at £1,794 annually.

Lodges and Caravans For Sale At Seton Sands

Caravans for sale at Seton Sand include 4 berth caravans ideal for couples up to 8 berth holiday homes for larger groups.

Static caravans by Haven are typically from popular manufacturers like Willerby, ABI and Swift.

Head to the Seton Sands page to view:

ShowBar at Seton Sands
ShowBar at Seton Sands (Photo Credit: Haven Holidays)

Facilities and Activities at Seton Sands

For golfers, the park offers a meticulously maintained 9-hole links course.

“The Boatie Blest” restaurant has a vast menu that showcases both local food and international cuisines; dining here is an experience in itself.

The innovative NERF Training Camp offers a blend of agility, strategy, and fun. The climbing wall is an adventurous challenge.

Kids will love Junior Segways, and the Seaside Slime workshop is a messy, full of fun activity.

Evening entertainment is diverse, with various live acts to suit different tastes, ensuring that every night is vibrant and lively. And for those who just wish to kick back and relax, the ShowBar is the entertainment hub, boasting plenty of shows and an adjacent arcade, ensuring fun-filled evenings.

Ownership Benefits At Seton Sands

Owners have exclusive access to the lounge and restaurant, special events like the Wine Club and Summer Spectacular, and enjoy private swim times, ensuring a personalised and luxurious experience

Can You Let Out A Caravan At Seton Sands?

Yes, owners can earn additional income by letting their caravan through Haven. For more details, download their brochure here.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Things To Do Near Seton Sands

While Seton Sands already has plenty of activities, its surroundings offer many experiences that encapsulate the essence of Scotland.

A mere hop across the road and visitors find themselves on the shores of Seton Sands beach, offering a panoramic view of the Firth of Forth.

For aviation enthusiasts, the National Museum of Flight, a short drive away, is a must-visit.

The majestic Edinburgh Castle, a symbol of Scottish heritage, stands tall, dominating the city’s skyline and is worth a day’s exploration. Not to forget, a visit to Edinburgh is incomplete without a trip to its famous zoo.

Haven Ownership

Seton Sands is a proud member of the Haven family, ensuring high standards, unparalleled amenities, and a commitment to making every stay unforgettable.

Do you want to learn more about buying a caravan at Seton Sands? We have a comprehensive Haven ownership guide, or you can download a brochure from Haven.

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