Caravan Awning Flooring Ideas

Caravan Awning Flooring Ideas

Choosing the right flooring for your caravan awning can be tricky. There are so many options out there, and it’s not easy to tell which ones will work best for you and your caravan set up. 

There are some excellent ideas out there that will make your life easier when it comes to flooring for your caravan awning.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourites here.

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Breathable Groundsheet

breathable groundsheet for caravan awning

Breathable groundsheets are designed to allow air through so they don’t get too hot underneath and damage the grass you are pitched on.

Breathable groundsheets are the easiest and cheapest way to cover the floor of your caravan awning.

It would help if you found a groundsheet that fits your awning footprint so you don’t have any gaps or areas where water could get in.

Look for groundsheets that are high quality and durable. Groundsheets that are thin will rip easily.

Our Favourite Breathable Groundsheet:

Leisurewize Supreme Breathable Caravan AwningCheck price on Amazon

Awning Carpets

carpet for tent awning

If you want to make your awning cosy, you might consider choosing a carpet for the floor.

Awning carpets are more comfortable to walk on; this is particularly preferable if you want to walk about in your awning without shoes.

Awning carpets can be cushioned and are often non-slip.

Look for carpets that are heavy duty and easy to fold up and store for transport.

Other materials for awning carpets are fleece and eco-friendly woven mats. Opt for breathable awning carpets if you can to protect the grass underneath.

Our Favourite Awning Carpets:

Eurohike 3 Layer Waterproof Tent Carpetcheck price on Amazon.

Interlocking Floor Mats

interlocking floor mats for caravan awning

Interlocking floor mats are a simple solution for caravan awnings; they’re easy to install, affordable and look fantastic. The best part is that you don’t even need any tools! 

They also allow natural grasses beneath them to breathe, so your pitch will stay looking its best all year round.

These cleverly designed pieces of outdoor carpet fit together in seconds without the need for glue or nails.

Just buy as many as you need to fit your caravan awning size.

If any part of the flooring gets damaged, it’s easy to replace an individual floor tile.

Our Favourite Interlocking Floor Mats:

Outdoor EVA Foam Ground Mats Tilescheck price on Amazon.

Artificial Grass

Using artificial grass for your awning flooring gives you the feel of the outdoors without any of the mud that comes with it!

You can get reasonably priced artificial grass, and it’s easy to roll out and lay when you pitch up.

Better still, it’s easy to maintain; just give it a quick brush or give it a hoover if you take one with you!


Using pallets is another option for your caravan awning floor.

Essentially pallets are laid out to form the flooring for your caravan awning with something laid on top (such as a groundsheet or carpet).

Using pallets for the floor is the last option on our list because it’s the least practical for most caravan owners.

But it’s something we’ve seen other caravanners doing, but more so if they are setting up for a long time or the season.

The benefits of using pallets are it creates a much sturdier footing underground, and with a carpet, or artificial grass on top, it creates a comfortable second living area.

Caravanners use either plastic or wooden pallets.

The obvious downside to using pallets is the transporting of them – the size and extra weight of them can make them impractical for most caravan setups. But if you tow your caravan with a van, this will be logistically much easier.

Final Points on Awning Flooring Ideas for Caravans

This guide has covered many options for flooring your caravan awning

The most important thing to consider is what you want the awning itself and its surroundings to look like, as this will help determine which type of material suits your needs best.

You can also check our guide on How To Clean A Caravan Awning.

We hope our guide helps get you started on finding the perfect fit.

Now it’s up to you which awning floor is best for your caravan!

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