17 Fun Things to Do in Filey

things to do in Filey

If you’re looking for a fun day out in Yorkshire, there are plenty of things to do in Filey.

This charming seaside town has plenty of options, whether you’re interested in exploring the natural beauty of the area or enjoying some good old-fashioned fun.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 17 of the best things to do in Filey.

And when you fall in love with the area you might even consider one of the many static caravans for sale in Filey!

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Filey Beach

Filey beach
Filey Beach

Filey Beach is a stunning 5-mile stretch of golden sand, popular with both locals and visitors alike.

The beach is well-known for its excellent sailing conditions, and the views out to sea are simply breathtaking.

Filey is a very family-friendly beach, with a wide range of activities on offer for children of all ages.

And, of course, no visit to Filey would be complete without a walk along the promenade with your four-legged friend!

Filey Beach is kept clean with plenty of amenities nearby should you need them.

Good To Know

  • Dog friendly (restrictions apply)
  • Lifeguards during peak times
  • Beach hut hire (book ahead via Scarborough Council)

Filey Brigg

Filey Brigg
Filey Brigg

For the geology enthusiasts visiting Filey and looking for a bit of excitement, there is Filey Brigg, a narrow peninsula featuring 20 metres high steep cliffs made out of a range of pure sandstone and limestone. 

Offering beautiful views and a breath of fresh air, this long walk has been named one of the Sites of Special Scientific Interest in North Yorkshire

While walking and taking in the unique stones and local wildlife, you’ll be exposed to signs about the area’s rich history and fascinating folklore. 

A great day out that ends in enhanced knowledge of the site; it’s not one to be missed. 

Filey Detective Mystery Trail

When you’re looking for something fun and adventurous for the whole family, why not consider putting on your thinking caps and taking a wander over to the Filey Detective Mystery Trail.

Ideal for those who love to explore a new area, you take part in a Detective-themed 2-mile walking trail around Filey. Consisting of around two hours, you have the chance to win £100.

Prepare by asking for the trail map to be sent to you in the post before you visit Filey or download it on your phone so you can get started right away. 

Speeton Cliff Walk

Speeton Cliff Walk
Speeton Cliff

Take a picturesque walk from the little village of Speeton to the top of the cliffs on North Flamborough. 

The walk ends at one of the most beautiful little beaches in Filey, where you can take in the views and have a picnic with friends and family. 

Open all year round; you can head over with both your little ones and furry friends. Take advantage of the free parking, put on some sensible footwear, and make your way down to the sandy shore. 

Perfect just as the sun is setting, you won’t regret adding this scenic location to your schedule. 

Playdale Farm

Playdale Farm Park
Photo Credit: Playdale Farm Park Gallery

Filey is a perfect place for children, and Playdale Farm Park is the ideal day out for families of all ages.

There’s always something to keep yourself, and the little ones entertained no matter the weather. From the massive indoor play area to the designated tractor zone, there’s a guarantee there won’t be any bored faces. 

You also can visit the on-site animal barn and paddocks, where you can get to know a wide range of different farm animals.

There’s more than enough to do for a small fee to make the most out of a fun-packed day. 

Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park

Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park
Photo Credit: Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park Facebook Page

Animal lovers always have a fantastic time visiting Filey, and its Bird Garden and Animal Park are one of the reasons. 

The award-winning attraction boasts a wide variety of wild animals and birds, providing both adults and kids with a fun yet informative day out. 

You definitely won’t be disappointed whether you want to see various farm animals such as goats and pigs or the more exotic range including wallabies and meerkats.

Have a walk around the beautiful gardens and trails, and get to know the animals up and close before heading home for the day. 

Filey Dams Nature Reserve

Be at one with nature with a day out at Filey Dams. The perfect spot for birdwatching, you can take friends and family with whom you share the hobby. 

Also known as the last freshwater marsh in Filey, it’s an excellent location for discovering new plants, unique amphibians and small mammals. 

The six-hectare area offers free entry, with a car park for easy access. As you wander through the reserve, you’ll enjoy the different footpaths and watch the nearby cattle graze around you. 

It’s something different and should definitely be visited once during your travels. 

Filey Country Park

Filey Country Park is the ideal place to visit for a calm day out at a location that is still rich in geological history. 

This park will never let you down, whether you want somewhere for your dog to have a run around or you are looking for the perfect area to fly a kite on windy days. 

Boasting some lovely scenic views of the Filey coast, you can sit and take in the surrounding areas while the children head to the nearby play park. 

If you’re lucky, you may even spot some sightings of whales and dolphins, which will turn your visit into a highly memorable one. 


If you’re looking for an action-packed day full of adrenaline and fun, you won’t regret heading on over to Filey’s coastline and taking part in some of the most popular watersports available.

Whether you love kayaking or want to dry something different such as raft building, the watersports on offer are fun for everyone. 

Opening times depend on weather conditions and high/low tides, so you’ll have to keep your eyes open for the best time to visit; however, when you do, you’ll no doubt have the time of your life.

Hunmanby Circular Walk

You can’t get anything better than a walk across green farmlands while also exploring the blue and beautiful coastline of Filey.

The Hunmanby Circular walk starts at Filey and lasts around three hours, giving you plenty of time to experience the vast countryside of Yorkshire as well as the historic and quaint village of Hunmanby.

Open all year round, you can take the whole family for a brisk morning walk or make a day of it by stopping and taking in the different sites.

The ideal activity for adventurers is one of Filey’s hidden gems.   

Filey Golf Club

Don’t forget to pack your golf clubs when visiting Filey because its signature golf club has a wide range of courses for you to take advantage of. 

When the weather’s nice, it’s the perfect day out for golf lovers, offering visitors an 18 hole and nine hole booking. For members of the family who aren’t so keen, they can sit and enjoy the on-site James Braid restaurant that’s open every day. 

This fantastic location also holds a wide range of open competitions for you to participate in, adding an extra element of thrill to your visit. 

Filey Museum

There’s always a history buff in the family, so why not take them to the Filey Museum when you visit the area?

Nestled in the old town, the previous two single-storey cottages that make up the museum are the oldest domestic buildings in the area, dating back to as early as 1696. 

Typically open from Easter to the end of October, it’s the perfect place to break up your day with some interesting knowledge and mementoes to view.

Known as a hidden gem in Filey, it’s known to interest those who aren’t the biggest fans of history. 

Crescent Gardens

As you’ve probably noticed, Filey is full of various parks, gardens, and nature reserves. And Crescent Gardens is one that you cannot miss out on. 

Offering beautiful views of the bay and vibrant blooming flowers, it’s the perfect place to sit back and relax with the family. 

If you’re lucky, you may even visit on a day when the summer brass band concerts are put on in the stunningly built gazebo. 

Bring along the entire family, including your four legged friends, and fall in love with the nature around you. 

Glen Gardens

If you’ve fallen in love with all the other gardens and trails of Filey, you will not want to miss out on Glen Gardens either.

Dating back to as early as the 1830s, it’s not only a beautiful open space for picnics and ball games, but you can also immerse yourself in the rich history surrounding you. 

While the kids head over to the play area, you can have a drink and bite to eat in the on-site cafe while enjoying the great view of the gardens.

Open all year; it’s the perfect day out for all ages. 

Yorkshire Wolds Way and Cleveland Way

Yorkshire Wolds Way

If long-distance walking is your thing, you’re going to want to visit two of the most popular trails in Filey.

Yorkshire Wolds Way is quiet and spacious, wandering on for 80 miles. Open all year round; you can embrace the countryside and work on your fitness at the same time.

You can also incorporate the Cleveland Way National Trail into your journey, adding an extra 110 miles to your walk. 

Venturing past Filey’s coast, the Ryedale Folk Museum, historic villages, and much more, you won’t be short of new things to see when visiting these trails. 

Hire A Bike

There are several fantastic trails and walks to visit in Filey, but you can always hire a bike if you want to take them to the next level.

Located in Filey Town Centre, you can visit Bikeabout, which offers cycle hire of all sizes.

Whether you want to go on a quiet bike ride by yourself and take in the scenery around you or make it a family activity, this shop offers a wide range for all ages to get involved. 

Simply choose the trail you want to visit and head to Bikeabout to add extra activity to your Filey visit. 

Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head
Flamborough Head

There’s nothing better than visiting the beautiful white cliffs of Flamborough Head, and it’s particularly significant if you’re a lover of the outdoors.

Offering a birds-eye view of the coast, you can hike along the open paths or head further down and participate in some canoeing.

Better suited for the older family members, you may want to leave the kids at home so you can embrace the outdoor pursuits to the fullest. 

With two ancient lighthouses located nearby, you can explore Filey’s history while also embracing the local wildlife and exquisite nature around you. 

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