How Long Do Static Caravans Last?

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We know, you are super keen to invest in your new holiday home, but, you may well be wondering, how long do static caravans last?

It’s definitely something important to understand before going ahead with your purchase.

The holiday park operator itself will have a prearranged period of time your caravan can remain sited on the plot. But, it’s useful to know what will happen at the end of that period, alongside some top tips to extend the life of your static caravan.

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How Long Do Static Caravans Last?

When you buy either a pre-owned, or brand new static caravan, the holiday park operator will issue you a pitch licence.

Generally speaking, a park will provide pitch licences for different lengths of times for caravans ranging from;

  • 8 years in duration for a pre-owned.
  • Around 20 years for a new static home.
  • On some holiday parks, where you might be able to purchase a luxury lodge, it is sometimes possible to be granted up to 30 years for a pitch licence.

It’s perfectly understandable that the park operator wants to keep up a good standard on their holiday park, so pitch licence duration periods are selected wisely. What the park will also consider is the estimation of how long a caravan will actually remain in a decent condition, whilst staying safe.

What Happens When Your Pitch Licence Runs Out?

When you reach the end of the pitch licence agreement you have a few different options:

  • The Park could extend your licence agreement on your pitch- some park operators may allow you to extend your licence, probably a year at a time. This will be dependent on the overall condition and safety of the caravan. You should also expect this to depend on actual pitch availability and demand on the park.
  • Part exchange your caravan for a new one- if you still love the holiday park you have been pitched on for all this time, the best option could be to consider part exchanging your current caravan for a brand new one. Most parks have a scheme and various offers in place- it’s definitely worth enquiring what the upgrade would cost!
  • Sell your static caravan direct to the park or to the trade – it is possible to sell your caravan to any of the trade static caravan companies located in the UK, always shop around for the best deal.
  • Lastly, if it is easier, sell it directly to your park- then they can take the hassle out of the process.

7 Top Tips To Help Extend The Life Of Your Static Caravan

In theory, the life expectancy of a static caravan is largely down to you and how well you keep it maintained.

Here are our top 7 tips to help lengthen the life of your static caravan – looking after your caravan to the best of your ability will help with any future sales, both to static dealers and listing privately.

Look After Your Caravan Roof

Obviously, if there are signs of a water leak in the caravan roof, get it fixed promptly. Also, watch out for potential leaks – these are actually more common in skylights that are fitted in a bathroom or kitchen area- sometimes the plastic on a skylight becomes damaged. This may require a new replacement skylight.

Good Water Maintenance Checks

It’s highly recommended that you stick to a good water maintenance check-up routine. Try to deal with leaking roofs and leaking pipes straight away. Leaking pipes can damage a caravan floor very easily, which can lead to other problems with walls, which in turn will cost you more.

Look After Your Caravan Floor

It’s important to take care of the caravan floor, for example, always ensuring it’s dry. If the floor becomes worn over time, it may be necessary to add extra support underneath it, to prevent further wear.

Keep Those Gutters Clean and Clear

Caravan gutters are easy to maintain and it’s well worth keeping to a regular cleaning schedule over time. It’s so much better than ending up with roof problems, such as rotting.

Buy A Caravan With A Galvanised Chassis

If your caravan is located on a park close to the seaside there is every chance you will see corrosion very quickly, which could, in fact, knock years off its life! If you are by the coast it is definitely worth going for a galvanised chassis when you purchase.

Consider Fitting A Skirt To The Chassis

If you don’t own a caravan with a galvanised chassis, particularly if your park is near the coast, the solution is to fit a skirt to the chassis for ample protection against corrosion that occurs as a result of the seaside elements.

Buy A Caravan With A Good Warranty

In an ideal world always try and buy from a manufacturer or company that can offer you a long and comprehensive warranty. Look for cover on such items as: windows, structure, parts and doors.

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