What is Glamping?

Glamping has grown in popularity over the last decade at a rapid rate. Whether you choose to go glamping on a holiday park, or in a more isolated location, there is no escaping the fact that the world loves to glamp!

In its simplest form glamping is the merging of two words;

glamorous + camping = glamping

Glamping Accommodation

There are many different accommodation styles that come under the name of ‘glamping.’ What they all have in common is they offer comfort and luxury in nature, with many offering the wow factor that we all deserve on a holiday to remember.

Essentially, glamping is the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, whilst not giving up on your creature comforts. 

Think real beds, with luxurious linen, wood burning stoves and real flooring, rather than the typical ‘damp’ ground sheets found in traditional camping set ups.

Imagine arriving at your holiday park and you don’t need to set anything up – it’s already up, ready and waiting.

Glamping and Camping Pods

You will find glamping pods – or camping pods, as they are sometimes called, on many holiday parks throughout the UK and Europe.

They are a really popular choice for both families and couples, enabling them to enjoy the atmosphere and facilities of an established holiday park, whilst staying somewhere slightly more unique.

Glamping pods provide warmth and comfort, being built from high-quality timber and include fitted beds, en-suite facilities and sometimes a small kitchen. Glamping pods also usually come with electricity so there is no need to leave any of your home comforts behind.

glamping pod in field
yurt in a field, blue skies


Yurts have been used as homes for many thousands of years. Known for their portable nature, yurts are circular in shape and typically are kitted out with luxury facilities such as comfortable beds, tables and wood burning stoves.

Yurts are often available in different sizes, from large 32 ft to smaller 12 ft, catering for couples and families of all sizes. Staying in a yurt is a great opportunity to stay somewhere unique whilst appreciating the wonders of nature.

Tree Houses

Staying in a tree house is every childhood dream come true! The magic of sleeping high up in the branches is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. Treehouses have evolved over the years, from basic cabin structures, to the more luxurious structures that are available to rent across the UK and Europe today.  

Treehouse holidays offer the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and uniqueness of a sleep in the trees, with the chance to rent accommodation with ensuite facilities, kitchens and even hot tubs on the veranda.

tree house
luxury glamping tent

Luxury Glamping Tents

If you enjoy sleeping under canvas, but you can’t quite face the thought of putting up a tent, a stay in a luxury tent is going to be a popular choice for you.

Luxury tents, sometimes known as safari tents, are already erected and usually contain fitted flooring, comfortable beds, and sometimes ensuite facilities and small kitchens.

Luxury safari tents are where glamour and camping really meet to create a truly memorable glamping experience.

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